Oud Holland

Sep 2019: Oud Holland website launch

Oud Holland book and exhibition reviews now online

25 Sep 2019

After 132 volumes on paper, Oud Holland – Journal for Art of the Low Countries is now also available online. With academic reviews about current exhibitions and recent publications, the editors of Oud Holland are pleased to announce a digital platform for up-to-date discussions in the field of art of the Low Countries.

"If I work, I live; if I stop, I die." This triggering motto from the artist Frans Floris is the start of Elizabeth Savage's review on a recent publication by Edward Wouk. Peter van der Coelen gives important insights about a book on Rembrandt’s religious prints, by Charles Rosenberg, which was published in 2017. Former Oud Holland editor Fred Meijer writes an in-depth critique of the two-volume monograph by Anke Van Wagenberg on Jan Baptist Weenix and Jan Weenix. Finally, current editor Nils Büttner gives his comments on the revolutionary exhibition about a forgotten talent: Michaelina Wautier.

Besides the reviews section, the new Oud Holland website will also serve as a platform for news concerning the latest volume of the journal. Back issues will be made available in the coming months. The first decade (1883-1889) can now be viewed and downloaded. Additionally, information is provided about how to submit an article, or get a subscription to our journal. To read more please go to: oudholland.rkd.nl