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Apr 2020: Oud Holland publishes three new reviews; open access archiving

Three new reviews and open access

6 April 2020

For the spring 2020 edition of Oud Holland Reviews, three new contributors review five new books, while highlighting two recent exhibitions:

Katrien Lichtert unpacks the importance of the exhibition and book Bruegel: De hand van de meester, which took place at the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna during 2018. She reviews the accompanying and richly illustrated print catalogue, as well as the supplementary digital book – full of technical-materials research results on the artists’ panel paintings. Jan Dirk Baetens reviews the Musée Rops' retrospective exhibition ‘Henri De Braekeleer (1840-1888): Fenêtre ouverte sur la modernité’, and the concurrently published exhibition catalogue and catalogue raisonné. He expounds on how De Braekeleer's place in art history creates a window for viewing his life and work in relation to many other themes: such as art-historical tensions between centuries, urban and rural conditions and a certain unrealised idealism. To conclude, Wexuan Li reviews the many nuances present in the amalgamative analysis of Rembrandt's financial life in relation to his work, in the book Rembrandts plan: De ware geschiedenis van zijn faillissement.

Oud Holland is also pleased to announce that in 2020 and 2021 Brill will publish all research articles by authors affiliated to a Dutch institution in open access, at no cost to the author. These articles are sponsored by the Dutch university library consortium UKB in a so-called 'Transformative Agreement', that also gives universities access to Brill’s full journal portfolio.

For more information about the participating institutions, please visit Brill.

Oud Holland wishes our readers safety and health in spring 2020.