Oud Holland

Dec 2020: Oud Holland publishes three new reviews

New Oud Holland Book and Exhibition Reviews

9 December 2020

For the autumn 2020 edition of Oud Holland Reviews, three new contributors discuss four recently published books and two exhibitions – spanning topics ranging from advertising in newspapers in the Low Countries, the Italian influence on Utrecht’s Caravaggisti and Frans Hals’ family portraits.

Stefania Girometti recounts the recent exhibition and publication, Utrecht, Caravaggio and Europe, held at the Centraal Museum in Utrecht in late-2018, and in 2019 at Munich’s Alte Pinakothek – focusing on the importance of the shows' European contextualisation of such painters and their works. Menno Jonker discusses two new meticulously researched resources by Arthur der Weduwen and Andrew Pettegree, on the circulation and impact of advertisements in the Low Countries. To conclude, John Bezold dissects the Frans Hals family portraits book and exhibition entitled, 'Frans Hals portraits: A family reunion', shown in Toledo, Paris and Brussels during 2018-2019 – framing them in relation to Dutch group portraiture as once understood by Aloïs Riegl.

Oud Holland extends well wishes to all our readers, for a safe remainder of 2020, and a happy new year, in January 2021.