Oud Holland

June 2021: Oud Holland publishes four new reviews

Four New Oud Holland Book and Exhibition Reviews

23 June 2021

For the spring 2021 edition of Oud Holland Reviews, four new contributors to the journal’s website provide critical commentary and reflection on an array of new publications. Jan Blanc reviews the recently released translation and annotated version of Samuel van Hoogstraten’s classic tome – Introduction to the academy of painting; or, the visible world. David de Witt contributes a critical reading of the English edition of the book Rembrandt's roughness, which is a translation from the German – itself first published in 2014. Elmer Kolfin reviews the focused publication that appeared alongside the exhibition 'Young Rembrandt' (Museum De Lakenhal, Leiden, 2 November 2019-9 February 2020/Ashmolean Museum, Oxford, 10 August-1 November 2020): A Rembrandt invention: A new baptism of the eunuch – which examines a clustering of works by several artists, all of whom painted that same scene. Lastly, Thijs Weststeijn's review essay – a first for Oud Holland Reviews – combines three new books, all of which cover the art of the Low Countries in relation to India. They mostly revolve around Rembrandt and his circle, and the first two were also produced as catalogues for exhibitions: Rembrandt and the inspiration of IndiaRembrandt’s Orient: West meets East in Dutch art of the seventeenth century and The unseen world: The Netherlands and India from 1550.

Oud Holland Reviews wishes our readers a good beginning to the summer season as the world – and collections – begin to reopen across the globe.