Oud Holland

Nov 2022: Oud Holland publishes five new reviews

Five New Oud Holland Book and Exhibition Reviews

30 November 2022

For the autumn edition of Oud Holland Reviews, five reviewers give their critical commentary on five new books, two of which are exhibition catalouges. Annemarie Jordan Gschwend discusses Renaissance children: Art and education at the Habsburg Court (1480-1530), which accompanied the exhibition of the same name held at the Museum Hof van Busleyden, from 26 March-4 July 2021, tracing the upbringing of the Habsburg siblings. Peter Black reflects on the most recent research on the portrayal of tronies created within the workshop of Rubens. John Bezold shines a spotlight on the innovative research methodologies used by Remmelt Daalder in his book, Van de Velde & son. Marine painters  – which examines the production of drawings and paintings by that family of artists. Arthur K. Wheelock Jr. extensively comments on the publication Allart van Everdingen (1621-1675). Master of the rugged landscapewhich accompanied an exhibition of the same name held at the Stedelijk Museum Alkmaar (18 September 2021-8 May 2022). Lastly, Tom Verschaffel reviews the publication Pro arte! Cui bono? Kunst en expertise in laatnegentiende-eeuws Brussel (1860-1914).

Oud Holland extends its warm autumn wishes to our readers.