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Mar 2023: Oud Holland publishes four new reviews

Four New Oud Holland Book and Exhibition Reviews

3 March 2023

For the winter 2023 edition of Oud Holland Reviews, four new contributors have written commentaries on four books, two of which are exhibition catalogues. Hans Jakob Meier has penned an extensive review of the first volume of The drawings of Peter Paul Rubens: A critical catalogue. Angela Jager has thoroughly examined two new publications published by The Museum of National History at Frederiksborg, in Denmark: Karel van Mander: A dynasty of artists, and the subsequent volume in the series, Karel van Mander III: Library and oeuvre. Marleen Ram provides a much-welcomed glance into the latest scholarship on drawings produced by Dutch artists in the eighteenth century, in the catalogue Schaulust: Niederländische Zeichenkunst des 18 Jahrhunderts—which was published for an exhibition of the same name, held at the Städel Museum in Frankfurt am Main from 1 October 2020-24 May 2021. To conclude this edition of Oud Holland Reviews, Mayken Jonkman provides her take on the catalogue Adjugé! Les artistes & le marché de l’art en Belgique 1850-1900, published alongside the exhibition it accompanied, held from 11 September 2020-3 January 2021, at the Musée Felicien Rops in Naumur, Belgium.

Oud Holland extends its greetings to our readers during the remaining winter weeks of 2023.